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Why Is An EE Association Needed?

Oregon's working lands, wild places, open spaces, communities, people, and businesses all depend on each other. The next generation needs the skills, knowledge, attitudes, motivations, and commitment to work individually and collectively to ensure Oregon continues to have a vibrant future. We believe environmental education is the key to that future. We support our teachers, administrators, resource professionals, nature centers, environmental educators, and volunteers who are in the trenches - getting kids & adults outside, teaching teachers, training staff, working with schools, working with families, teaching adults, doing environmental education - everything and anything that cultivates environmental literacy. We do this through leadership development, advocacy, and state-wide conference. We are your resource in working with others around environmental education.

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small canoe on lake The EE conference was a success! Thank you to all our participants and sponsors! Discover what happened at the conference.

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outdoorschool99Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 99

The Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition has determined the best route to full, stable funding for the Outdoor School law is to approach Oregon voters directly. The Coalition authorized the establishment of the Outdoor School for All Campaign.

The Campaign's mission is to secure permanent state funding of the Outdoor School Law so that every Oregon fifth or sixth grade student has the opportunity to experience a full week of Outdoor School or similar programming.

To accomplish this, the Campaign has submitted an initiative for inclusion on the November 2016 ballot, asking voters to support funding the new law using Oregon Lottery funds. If the measure passes, funding to qualified programs could be available as early as mid-2017.

The Campaign gathered enough signatures to be on the upcoming November 2016 ballot as Measure 99! It’s NOW time to say Yes: We want strong education for our children. We want a healthy economy. We believe supporting our state’s incredible natural resources and industries. Most importantly, we believe it’s essential to foster a love, respect and understanding of this amazing place we call Oregon.

Once and for all, and for the many benefits it offers our kids, our state and our future, let’s Save Outdoor School for All. Please pledge to Vote Yes on Measure 99.


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e stem prezipresentationE-STEM

We encourage you to learn more about how to use the environment when teaching STEM. Watch our E-STEM prezi presentation to discover more.

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Children learn best through their everyday experiences with the people they love and trust, and when the learning is fun. And the best place for these experiences is outdoors, in the natural world.


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Center for Families, Communities, Schools and Children's Learning



  •    EEAO works to ensure everyone in Oregon has an opportunity to learn about the environment and society where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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Our Vision

Resilient communities where environmental, economic and social responsibility drive individual and collective choices

Our Mission

To cultivate environmental literacy and engagement among diverse community leaders

EEAO is the Oregon affiliate of


in 2005 we received NAAEE Affiliate of the Year

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