2015 Conference

Building and Supporting the Network
2015 Conference Presentation Materials

March 18-21, 2015
YMCA Camp Collins
Gresham, Oregon


Over 100 diverse individuals came from across the state to learn from each other and hear what is happening with environmental education in Oregon. Below are materials and resources from the 2015 conference.

2015 conference photos

Keynote Speakers

Getting Kids Involved in the Planning
by Amy Busch and Lindsay Miller, Wallowa Resources

Amy and Lindsay shared how Wallowa County is unique and how they use kids' feedback in shaping Wallowa Resources' youth education programs.

Presentation Survey Example

Building Support for Environmental Education
by Caroline Fitchett, Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition (OOEC)

Caroline shared how Oregon legislation works and how to get a bill passed in Oregon. Specifically, she talked about how we can support the passing of Outdoor School for All.

Outdoor School for All Fact Sheet

OR Legislation 101

 How A Bill Becomes A Law

Lobbying as a 501c3

Tips for letter writing

Intential Grantmaking to Diversity the Environmental Movement
by Heather Kent, Metro

Heather talked about Metro's grant-making program, Nature in Neighborhoods, and how they are supporting community-based and environmental organizations to work together to implement diverse environmental education programs.


Building EE Career Track

Let's Get Dangerous:  Risk Management & Environmental Education
by Tony Deis, Trackers Earth NW

Tony provided insight on how to keep kids and staff safe and gave examples of what they have done at Trackers Earth NW to minimize risk.

Examples & Thoughts

Inclusion Track

Developing Culturally Relevant Environmental Programs
by Traci Price, Independent Change Consultant and Kim Feicke, Consultant, Oregon Center for Educational Equity

Traci and Kim shared findings from a recent study on how to build culturally relevant environmental education programs.

 Research Summary  Presentation

Building Relationships with & Being Responsive to Diverse Audiences
by Alicia Polacok, Residential Outreach Coordinator, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

Alicia talked about how to build relationship in your community by understanding behavior change and how this ties back to waste reduction.


Best Practices in Inclusion
by Colin Fogarty and Erika Rench, Confluence

Colin and Erika presented about the Confluence in the Classroom and how they work in collaboration with Northwest Communities, tribes and renowned artist Maya Lin to create reflective moments that can shape the future of the Columbia River system.


K-12 OELP/STEM Track

Building Relationships for Outstanding E-STEM
by Brian Fowler, Oregon State Parks and Carolyn Nesbitt, High Desert Museum

Brian and Carolyn provided examples of building relationships and using your STEM hub as the link to building those relationships.


E-STEM Assessment & Research
by Dan Prince, Multnomah ESD Outdoor School

Dan used a recent Outdoor School research and professional development project to explore ways to assess high-impact outcomes in E-STEM.


Advocacy Track

Developing a Common EE Language & Education for a Sustainable Future
by Dr. Kim Smith, Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network

Dr. Kim Smith explored various ways to "message" environmental education, using E4 models and broader issues of sustainability and well-being.

Presentation Worksheet
Using Public Polling & Research
by Adam Davis, Founder and Principal, DHM Research

With over 30 years of experience in all phases of public opinion, Adam's expertise ranges from survey research design to focus group moderating. Adam shared general information on how general public research is conducted and then shared data on Oregonian's opinion of the environment.

Opinion Research Findings


Evening Activity Resources

Below are materials to help you in leading a campfire program at your site!

Campfire Program  Skit Ideas


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2015 Conference Sponsors

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